Year in Review 2023 – Highlights from the Blog

In the second half of 2023, the Twin Feathers team kicked off a series of blogs and educational studies via our website (   As we close out this year, we wanted to give a brief review of four major themes from these posts.

1. Meet the Team
image of Gabriel Amundarain, newest Twin Feathers team member in 2023

Gabriel, the newest team member, has experience in the oil and gas industry in South America.

image of Twin Feathers team members - JD, Matt, Tina, Kristal

Kristal, Matt, and Tina have been with Twin Feathers for over 6 years!

If you didn’t know the Twin Feathers team before this year, you do now! We highlighted Twin Feathers team members Tina Schmitt, Gabriel Amundarain, Kristal Myers, and Matt Adams.  Three of these team members – Kristal, Matt, and Tina – have been with Twin Feathers for over 6 years, helping clients make smart

decisions every day.  Our newest team member – Gabriel – has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry in South America and is helping Twin Feathers expand into new markets.

2. Exploring Central and South American Energy Markets

Speaking of new markets, in the last two months of 2023 we highlighted the propane market in the nation of Colombia (Part 1, Part 2/Parte 1, Parte 2).  This series will continue in 2024 as we explore other South and Central American propane markets and show how they are interconnected with the U.S. markets.

3. Heart of American Energy Symposium
image of KC skyline used for Heart of American Energy Symposium promotions and recap

Heart of America Energy Symposium – September 2023

Twin Feathers hosted the Heart of America (HOA) Energy Symposium in September. This event was held in Kansas City immediately before the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) Benchmarking meeting.  Our guests at the HOA Energy Symposium were the first to hear from Warren Wilczewski regarding the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) substantial change to propane data reporting.

Starting near the end of 2023, the EIA will begin separating propane available for sale and propane still needing to be refined or processed.  The addition of this necessary statistic is the result of a seven-year effort by Warren and other EIA team members.

In addition to hearing from Warren, symposium guests also had the opportunity to hear from Marty Kirshner about business transitions.  Following that, we had a lengthy panel discussion with current business owners about how they have managed a business transition.

To close out the symposium, our Twin Feathers president spoke on how climate regulations are changing the propane markets.  Whether it is renewable propane or carbon credits, the future of propane is changing, and Twin Feathers will be there to assist clients through that process.

4. Carbon Credits
renewable energy symbols overlaid on image of people working on laptops - image used in Carbon Credits series for the final post in the series

Carbon credits can help your business transition quickly and efficiently to carbon neutrality.

Finally, the major blog series of 2023 involved our closing topic at the HOA Energy Symposium – Carbon Credits.  We presented an 8-part series describing carbon credits. This series detailed how they work, how they can benefit your company, and how to purchase them (Part 1, Part 2).  Because carbon credits are often more affordable and more accessible than renewable propane, this series became the center piece of our 2023 blog posts. Any propane distributor wanting to transition to a carbon neutral business quickly and efficiently should investigate using carbon credits.

Coming in 2024
image of desk surface with coffee cup and saucer next to open laptop with blank screen - indicating people should check the website and social media to keep up with Twin Feathers' blog topics in 2024

There’s a lot in store for 2024!

What’s in store for 2024?  You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

But here are a few hints. . .

  • Ongoing research outside of North America.
  • Updates on the carbon market.
  • News regarding the ever-changing propane market.

Keep this page bookmarked and watch for updates on Linkedin for the newest posts in 2024!