Gabriel Amundarain is no stranger to change!
Gabriel Amundarain

Gabriel Amundarain is no stranger to navigating change!

Gabriel Amundarain, Twin Feathers’ newest team member, is no stranger to navigating change. Experienced in the oil industry, as well as the paint and coatings industry, he brings a blend of technical expertise with hands-on management skills with him.

Experience in the oil industry.

Gabriel gained experience in water and wastewater, gas, oil, and soil treatment.

He began his career in the Venezuelan oil industry fresh out of university with a degree in chemical engineering. While working there, he earned an advanced degree to become a specialist in chemical corrosion. Several years later, political changes in Venezuela affected the oil industry, and Gabriel moved to Peru.

In Peru, he started working with chemical solutions in the oil production process. However, he soon gained experience in other areas like water and wastewater, gas, oil, and soil treatment. He found he had to change and expand his knowledge in the industry to take advantage of new opportunities.

These new opportunities were consulting contracts with former colleagues in the Venezuelan oil industry. Gabriel advised and supported companies with diverse issues such as boundary disputes in offshore oil fields in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as other issues with energy companies based in the United States and other countries.

At this point, Gabriel began the process to immigrate to the United States, wanting a better future for his children. Unfortunately, his contracts included restrictions which did not allow him to complete the immigration process.

Experience in the paint and coatings industry.

He worked his way up to become the regional manager of industrial coatings for all of Central America.

When his contracts were complete, he began working with a large company in the paint and coatings industry. His advanced degree in chemical corrosion came in handy as he dealt with paint or coatings protecting ships, pipelines, and other assets. He worked his way up to become the regional manager for industrial coatings for all of Central America.

Gabriel was based in Panama but traveled three weeks each month to Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and other neighboring countries. Earning an MBA gave him the business knowledge and skills to help him connect his technical expertise with the management issues he was encountering.

Moving to the United States.
Kansas City Skyline

After visiting several states, Gabriel and his family settled in Kansas two years ago.

When COVID happened, Gabriel saw the “writing on the wall” as his company began closing locations. He decided to look at the United States again. Using saved vacation time, he was able to visit several states, checking out job opportunities and places to live.

After visiting several states like California, Utah, and Kentucky, Gabriel and his family settled in Kansas.  His wife’s aunt offered to help them settle in Gardner, and they made the move two years ago.

Joining Twin Feathers.

Gabriel took many different short-term jobs while looking for an opportunity that would use his experience and education. With his family happy and settled in Kansas, he wasn’t considering jobs in his skillset located overseas or in other states. Instead, Gabriel began looking for opportunities in the energy field right here, and that is how he found Twin Feathers.

As the newest member of the Twin Feathers team, Gabriel is excited to share his experience and knowledge of international energy markets while he learns more about the energy markets Twin Feathers serves. He is looking forward to working directly with clients, offering advice and support. This is something he has done throughout his career and really enjoys.

Outside of work.

Gabriel has embraced something his new “hometown” is famous for and has developed a love for genuine Kansas City barbecue!  He has also discovered he really likes fishing!  But what he truly enjoys is spending time with his wife and kids. Gabriel has seen a lot of change in his career and has learned how to use that change as a chance to grow both personally and professionally.  However, he would probably just tell you that he believes in family, and every decision he has made has been made with his family’s best interest at heart.