Soft Skills Matter: Problem Solving

Every business faces problems and challenges. The ability to understand an issue, analyze possible solutions, then take action to put a plan into motion are all part of problem solving. Join us as we explore this important soft skill.

Memorial Day – What Does It Mean?

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season. Pools open, people throw parties and enjoy the three-day weekend. But is that all there really is to this holiday?

Part Four: Another Example

Our Hedging 101 series has introduced and defined basic terms and given an example of hedging through a prebuy purchase. We continue with another example of hedging using two different tools for fixed price products.

Peru – A Growing Energy Market

Peru is a country that is rich in natural resources. The country’s declining oil production has been boosted by its increased NGL production. However, the country’s growing demand for LPG products for cooking, heating, and Autogas have created a growing energy market that could impact the global propane markets in the coming years.

Soft Skills Matter: Communication

At Twin Feathers we believe soft skills can be just as important as hard skills. One of these soft skills is communication. Effective communication is vital to building strong relationships, and strong relationships make the fuel industry work!

Market News from the Southeastern Convention

The Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo marks the official “end of winter” and “beginning of spring” for the propane industry.   Along with being a great way to see innovations in the field, talk about supply strategies, and catch up with friends and colleagues, this convention is also a great place to discuss the "unofficial" hot topics in the industry.

Part Three: Beginning to Hedge

In our Hedging 101 series we defined basic terms, such as "hedge," and have identified risks a business needs to protect against. We now move into the process of beginning to hedge or protect against those risks.

Brazil – A Changing Energy Market – Part Two

Brazil faces challenges related to an increasing demand for LPG coupled with a decrease in production. These changes could impact the global propane markets.

Do soft skills matter?

We know the value of technical knowledge and expertise in the energy industry. Hard skills like these are essential for success. But did you know that personal attributes like communication and flexibility are just as important? Come join us as Twin Feathers launches a series on the value of soft skills in the energy sector.

Part Two: Identifying Risks

Our Hedging 101 series began by defining a “hedge” as a way to protect against risk. With that basic building block in place, we can move on to the next step – identifying what risks a business needs to protect against.