Brasil – Un mercado energético cambiante – Segunda parte

Brasil enfrenta desafíos relacionados con una creciente demanda de GLP junto con una disminución en la producción. Estos cambios podrían afectar los mercados globales de propano.

Brazil – A Changing Energy Market – Part Two

Brazil faces challenges related to an increasing demand for LPG coupled with a decrease in production. These changes could impact the global propane markets.

Do soft skills matter?

We know the value of technical knowledge and expertise in the energy industry. Hard skills like these are essential for success. But did you know that personal attributes like communication and flexibility are just as important? Come join us as Twin Feathers launches a series on the value of soft skills in the energy sector.

Part Two: Identifying Risks

Our Hedging 101 series began by defining a “hedge” as a way to protect against risk. With that basic building block in place, we can move on to the next step – identifying what risks a business needs to protect against.

Will fossil fuels go away?

A recent New York Times article highlighted some unintended consequences of pushing electricity consumption as part of a plan for reaching climate goals. These consequences lead us to think about whether or not fossil fuels are really going away.

Brasil – Un mercado energético cambiante – Primera parte

Brasil es uno de los mayores productores de petróleo del mundo, con importantes reservas probadas, infraestructura establecida y uno de los mayores tesoros ambientales del mundo. La creciente demanda de gas natural del país, sumada a una disminución de la producción, son algunos de los factores que están provocando un cambio en este importante mercado energético.

Brazil-A Changing Energy Market – Part One

Brazil is one of the world’s largest oil producers, with substantial proven reserves, established infrastructure, and one of the world’s largest environmental treasures. The country’s increasing demand for natural gas, coupled with a decrease in production are some of the factors leading to a change in this major energy market.

Hedging 101

Hedging 101 is our way of answering some of the questions and comments we have received over 25 years in the industry. We want to do this so that those just starting out, as well as seasoned industry pros can benefit from the series.

Carbon Credit Outlook for 2024

Carbon credit values fell during the last half of 2023 and began 2024 looking weak. Will there be a rebound this year?

Guyana – Un mercado energético en desarrollo – Segunda parte

El desarrollo de Guyana como mercado energético tiene el potencial de impactar los mercados globales de propano. El aumento de la producción de petróleo y gas natural creará oportunidades de crecimiento y cambio en los mercados mundiales de propano.