Soft Skills Matter: Flexibility

Being able to adapt to changing circumstances and expectations is what flexibility in the workplace is all about. Employers and employees who are open-minded and willing to change how things are done contribute to long-term success for their clients, companies and themselves.

Part Six – Futures Contracts

Hedging 101 has discussed using different strategies like prebuy and fixed price products to protect against risk. In this post, we want to talk about another strategy – futures contracts. Come with us as we look at how using a financial hub product plus basis can help you navigate some of the risks of the fuel industry.

Chile – Un mercado energético emergente – Primera parte

Chile es un gran consumidor de energía que depende en gran medida de las importaciones para satisfacer sus necesidades energéticas. Una disminución continua en la cantidad de petróleo y gas producido a nivel nacional, combinada con un aumento en la demanda de GLP, ha creado un mercado energético emergente que podría impactar significativamente los mercados globales de propano en los próximos años.

Chile – An Emerging Energy Market – Part One

Chile is a large energy consumer that is heavily dependent on imports to meet their energy needs. A continuous decline in the amount of oil and gas produced domestically, combined with an increase in demand for LPG have created an emerging energy market that could significantly impact the global propane markets in the coming years.

Soft Skills Matter: Creativity

Creativity is an important part of forming a successful business. Imagination, curiosity, and experimentation help build a creative mindset. Practicing those skills makes that creative mindset strong!

Part Five: Risk Policies

Hedging 101 has defined basic terms and given examples of hedging using different tools. In this post, we take a quick detour to talk about the not so glamorous, but necessary, part of hedging – risk policies.

Perú – Un Mercado Energético En Crecimiento – Segunda Parte

El creciente mercado de GLP de Perú enfrenta desafíos relacionados con la producción, el aumento de las importaciones y la transición de porciones significativas de su población a combustibles más limpios. La creciente demanda de GLP del país podría afectar los mercados mundiales de propano en los próximos años.

Peru – A Growing Energy Market – Part Two

Peru’s growing LPG market faces challenges related to production, increasing imports, and transitioning significant portions of its population to cleaner fuels. The country’s growing demand for LPG could impact the global propane markets in the next few years.

Soft Skills Matter: Problem Solving

Every business faces problems and challenges. The ability to understand an issue, analyze possible solutions, then take action to put a plan into motion are all part of problem solving. Join us as we explore this important soft skill.

Part Four: Another Example

Our Hedging 101 series has introduced and defined basic terms and given an example of hedging through a prebuy purchase. We continue with another example of hedging using two different tools for fixed price products.