Soft Skills Matter: Flexibility

Being able to adapt to changing circumstances and expectations is what flexibility in the workplace is all about. Employers and employees who are open-minded and willing to change how things are done contribute to long-term success for their clients, companies and themselves.

Soft Skills Matter: Creativity

Creativity is an important part of forming a successful business. Imagination, curiosity, and experimentation help build a creative mindset. Practicing those skills makes that creative mindset strong!

Soft Skills Matter: Problem Solving

Every business faces problems and challenges. The ability to understand an issue, analyze possible solutions, then take action to put a plan into motion are all part of problem solving. Join us as we explore this important soft skill.

Soft Skills Matter: Communication

At Twin Feathers we believe soft skills can be just as important as hard skills. One of these soft skills is communication. Effective communication is vital to building strong relationships, and strong relationships make the fuel industry work!

Do soft skills matter?

We know the value of technical knowledge and expertise in the energy industry. Hard skills like these are essential for success. But did you know that personal attributes like communication and flexibility are just as important? Come join us as Twin Feathers launches a series on the value of soft skills in the energy sector.