Kristal Myers brings a wealth of experience to Twin Feathers!
kristal myers

Kristal Myers brings a wealth of experience to Twin Feathers!

Kristal Myers brings to Twin Feathers a wealth of customer service and administrative skills. After working in the telecommunications industry for thirty years, she has expertise in assisting both individual and business customers, as well as experience in maintaining and managing records, both as a human resource professional and while working in various regulatory departments.

Starting out in telecommunications.

Kristal had no idea a part-time job in telecommunications would lead to a career!

When Kristal first started working part-time for a telecommunications company in Lima, Ohio, she had no idea it would lead to a career. She began with calls to customers about phone installations and repairs, but soon moved to the company’s business office near Toledo. There she started as a typist, then became a customer service representative taking orders.

Human resource experience.

She eventually moved into human resources, working for the staffing and labor relations manager. With over 800 employees in the region, she was busy maintaining records, sorting paychecks and administering tests to applicants.  During the four years she worked in this office, Kristal eventually did “a little bit of everything” in the human resources arena.

Deciding she was ready for a change, Kristal moved into the company’s general office in Mansfield, Ohio. There she found herself back in customer service, only this time assisting businesses instead of individuals. After working there for two years, an opportunity became available to go to Kansas City to help transition their billing system to a new one.

Moving to Kansas City.

A five-month project in Kansas City convinced Kristal to move here permanently when the right job opened up.

Kristal volunteered and spent five months working in Kansas City. She enjoyed this assignment, especially getting to work with people from all over the country.  At one point, there were employees from 21 different states working on the project.  When the project wrapped up, Kristal went back to Mansfield to assist in the transition of their billing system. However, when a position in Kansas City opened up a few months later, Kristal took it.  She moved again and has been here ever since!

Regulatory experience.

Kristal spent 15 years in different regulatory groups, handling everything from maintaining billing records to dealing with tariffs and the FCC.

Not too long after settling in Kansas City permanently, Kristal met her husband through a mutual friend from Ohio. She was working in a regulatory department at this time, maintaining all the billing system records.  Later, she moved to a different group dealing with tariff filings with the FCC.  After fifteen years working in regulatory areas, she was ready for something different. She believed that 30 years in telecommunications was pretty good for a first career – she was ready for the next step!

Taking the next step – at Twin Feathers!

Unsure what that next step was, Kristal took her time considering opportunities that came up.  She volunteered at Menorah Medical Center, while looking for something that would allow her to use her skills while also maintaining a balance between her work and personal life.

That “something” turned out to be Twin Feathers! Kristal was encouraged to contact Twin Feathers by her hair stylist who had heard about an opening through another client and thought Kristal would be a perfect fit.  Turns out, that stylist was right, and Kristal has been with Twin Feathers for 10 years!

Managing the office.
Computer screen with blurred data on it

As Office Manager, Kristal is in charge of invoicing, processing payments, maintaining pricing sheets and other records, and is the first person clients speak with on the phone.

At first, the transition was a little challenging. Kristal was new to the propane industry, but quickly picked up what she needed to know.  As the Office Manager, she is in charge of invoicing and processing payments, maintaining pricing sheets and other records, and is the first person clients and others speak with on the phone.  She also finds time to work on special projects for the team. As Kristal puts it, “I will do whatever they need me to do!”

Outside of work.

Away from work, Kristal enjoys relaxing with her husband. They watch a lot of football, especially the Kansas City Chiefs!  Kristal also follows Ohio State football. Growing up in Ohio, she said cheering for Ohio State football was a “pretty big deal,” and she is happy to continue that tradition. What she truly appreciates though is the opportunity to work with a team that values her experience and skill while allowing her to maintain a healthy balance between her professional and personal life.