Twin Feathers President Will Speak at PPGA & WPGA Summer Conference

Are you enjoying Twin Feathers’ series on carbon neutrality?  Do you want more expert information about changes affecting the energy market?  Then you won’t want to miss Twin Feathers’ President, J.D. Buss, speaking on “Electrification and the Environment – Have they Changed the Propane Market?”

jd buss

Twin Feathers’ President, J.D. Buss, will speak at the PPGA & WPGA Summer Conference, August 2023.

J.D. will be speaking at the Pacific and Western Propane Gas Associations Conference (PPGA & WPGA), August 2-4, in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. He will be discussing potential strategies for retail distributors to maximize their business while navigating market changes surrounding the growth of electrical energy options.

Due to an increased focus on climate change and the environment there has been a lot of growth in demand for electrical energy. This increase has changed several areas of the propane market. How have these changes impacted propane demand, supply, and pricing? What can your business do to maintain a growth trajectory while adapting to the changing energy market?

How to Find Out More About the Summer Conference

Learn more about this and other important topics to the energy market at the PPGA & WPGA Summer Conference.  This event provides the opportunity to make new business contacts and connect with colleagues, while learning from experts about topics that are important to the energy industry. For more information, or to register online, go to and look for the events page.

Your Twin Feathers team looks forward to seeing you there!