Twin Feathers and Present –  “Carbon Credits and Your Fuel Company”

Have you been following our summer blog series on carbon neutrality? Would you like more great information on carbon credits and how they can benefit your company?  Then you won’t want to miss this free 30-minute web session with Twin Feathers’ President, J.D. Buss.

JD Buss

Twin Feathers President, J.D. Buss, will present a session on “Carbon Credits and Your Fuel Company,” October 17, 2023.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 2 p.m. EST, Twin Feathers and will present this session, “Carbon Credits and Your Fuel Company.” In it, you will learn how carbon credits can be used to make your company carbon neutral. You will also learn how using carbon credits can totally change how you market your business to your clients. In addition, you’ll hear how carbon credits are providing pricing information for renewable propane, as well as creating opportunities for arbitrage.

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You can register for this free session at, by clicking on the ad for this session on that site’s home page, or by emailing

Your Twin Feathers team looks forward to seeing you there!

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