Twin Feathers Talks – Carbon Credits and Your Fuel Company

Twin Feathers and present free 30-minute web session October 17, 2023, 2 p.m. The session, “Carbon Credits and Your Fuel Company” will discuss how carbon credits can be used to make your company carbon neutral. Register for this free session at

How Carbon Credits Benefit Your Business

How carbon credits benefit your business. We wrap up our series on carbon neutrality with a discussion of the ways carbon credits benefit your business today. For more information on how carbon credits can help your business reach carbon neutrality, contact your Twin Feathers team.

How to Purchase Carbon Credits – Part 2

How to purchase carbon credits-Part 2. We finish discussing the process of purchasing carbon credits and the importance of retiring them. Twin Feathers purchases carbon credits for clients with the intent that the purchase will cause them to be carbon neutral.

How to Purchase Carbon Credits-Part 1

How to purchase carbon credits, Part 1. We will walk you through the “nuts and bolts” of purchasing carbon credits. We begin the discussion by talking about the importance of a business valuation and why it’s important to pick a category of carbon credit, either general contract or specific certified project.

The Role of Carbon Credits

Carbon credits offset or reduce the amount of carbon emissions your business produces.  Purchasing carbon credits can help your business achieve carbon neutrality.

Plan for Change Now

Carbon credits should be part of your plan to get ahead of coming changes in the energy market. We explain why it’s important to plan for change now, and how carbon credits will help your business get ahead of government regulations, offer unique marketing opportunities, and sustain profitability for the long term.