The Changing Energy Market


“Change – the only constant.”


The UN position on Climate Change

According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, global temperatures have risen 1.1ºC above pre-industrial levels. This temperature increase is linked to melting glaciers, rising sea levels, flooding and droughts, which impacts millions of people. 

The Cause

What is the cause of climate change?  According to the United Nations, greenhouse gas emissions are the reason for our global climate problems, and the energy sector is responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon).

The Changing Energy Market

Current global concern about climate change and the accompanying focus on the energy sector leads us to expect major shifts in how energy is used. According to the United Nations, over 190 countries have joined the efforts to reach net-zero greenhouse emissions.  Countries participating in the Paris Agreement must meet the following goals:

  • get greenhouse gas emissions (carbon) to peak before 2025,
  • make emissions decline by 43% by 2030,
  • have emissions reach Net-Zero by 2050.

Additionally, President Biden recently committed to getting the United States to 100% clean power by 2035.

A “New Normal”

No one talked about goals like these 40-50 years ago. Even a decade ago, they would have seemed far-fetched. Many people argue that these targets are not achievable. Many people have difficulty even imagining a world where these goals are the norm. We can argue about whether these goals are attainable, but the reality is that carbon neutral targets will significantly change the propane and fuels markets. And these changing targets are becoming the “new normal.”

We Have Your Best Interest at Heart

How will your business survive this shift? How will you navigate this new normal? Over the next few weeks, the Twin Feathers team will show the impact of these changes and how your business can thrive.

Check back here for updates on our series on carbon neutrality. Please contact us, to learn how the Twin Feathers team can assist you in making smart decisions while navigating the changing energy market.