Memorial Day – What Does It Mean?

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season. Pools open, people throw parties and enjoy the three-day weekend. But is that all there really is to this holiday?

Market News from the Southeastern Convention

The Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo marks the official “end of winter” and “beginning of spring” for the propane industry.   Along with being a great way to see innovations in the field, talk about supply strategies, and catch up with friends and colleagues, this convention is also a great place to discuss the “unofficial” hot topics in the industry.

Carbon Credit Outlook for 2024

Carbon credit values fell during the last half of 2023 and began 2024 looking weak. Will there be a rebound this year?

2024 – International Propane Conference Season

Propane conference season is coming soon. Last week we highlighted several upcoming events in the United States.  Because propane is a global commodity, we wanted to also feature some associations and meetings that will be occurring internationally.

2024 – Propane Conference Season

Halfway through winter is usually the time that people start wondering if spring will ever arrive. It’s also the time of year people start preparing for the upcoming propane conference season.

To help everyone get ready for the 2024 conference season, we wanted to provide a brief outline of events taking place from the end of February through May.

Are You Ready for NEXT Winter?

Most of the United States is just starting to emerge from a stretch of bitterly cold, snowy weather. Spring is almost two months away. Why should you be concerned about NEXT winter?

How to Prepare for a New Year

The start of each year brings the promise of new beginnings as well as the question, “What should we prepare for this year?”  That question is what we’d like to discuss with this post.