Are You Ready for NEXT Winter?

Most of the United States is just starting to emerge from a stretch of bitterly cold, snowy weather. Spring is almost two months away. Why should you be concerned about NEXT winter?

How to Prepare for a New Year

The start of each year brings the promise of new beginnings as well as the question, “What should we prepare for this year?”  That question is what we’d like to discuss with this post.

Propane prices- a Trick or Treat this winter?

What will propane prices do this winter? An analysis of almost two decades of historical data, plus our knowledge of current inventory levels and potential weather conditions allows Twin Feathers to give smart advice about whether the market holds more "tricks" than "treats" this winter.

How do you manage warm weather?

Each winter begins with strong expectations of cold weather, which will drive a demand for more heating. In this post we discuss options for managing warm winter weather, helping your business avoid large fluctuations due to temperature changes and stabilizing your business.

Are you prepared for winter?

Winter brings cold weather which in turn helps bring propane demand.  As we look forward to dropping temperatures, we want to review three important items that can help a propane retailer be prepared for this winter.