flat map of Western Hemisphere, North and South America, Latin America. 2024 International Propane Conference Season

Most of these meetings will take place in the Western Hemisphere.

Propane conference season is coming soon. Last week we highlighted several upcoming events in the United States.  Because propane is a global commodity, we wanted to also feature some associations and meetings that will be occurring internationally. One of these meetings will truly be a global event, but the rest of the list will take place in the Western Hemisphere.


AMEXGAS in Mexico represents a large number of distributors and is an association the Twin Feathers team was invited to speak to in the past.  They traditionally hold their GLP conference in the month of November.  To find out more information on this association go to https://amexgas.com.mx/.


AIGLP and SindiGas are two associations representing LPG interests within Brazil.  The AIGLP is hosting the 37th Congress on March 13–15 of this year.  To find out more about each of these associations, please see https://aiglp.org/ and https://sindigas.org.br/.


Shifting to Colombia, there is both the Agremgas Association, which is hosting the International GLP Summit on June 5–7 of this year, and GASNOVA Association.  To find out more about these association, please see  https://agremgas.com/ and https://gasnova.co/.

Latin America and Caribbean Nations

The ARPEL association encompasses both Latin America and Caribbean nations in supporting gathering of oil, gas, and renewable energy.  Their event is the ARPEL Naturgas week that runs from April 8–12, 2024.  To learn more about this event, please see https://arpel.org/.

image of the earth against dark background of space with interlocking web of light over globe; 2024-International Propane Conference Season

The WLGA represents LPG firms all around the globe!


Last, but not least, there is the WLGA (World Liquid Gas Association) that represents LPG firms from all around the globe.  Their annual event for 2024 is LPG Week hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 18–22.  To find out more about this event, please see https://worldliquidgas.org/.

Propane’s global reach.

Propane’s global reach means these (and many, many more) associations exist to support and promote the use of propane.  If anyone is planning on attending these events, please contact the Twin Feathers team to see if our paths will cross.