Meet the Team – JD Buss

JD Buss brings a curiosity about new ideas, as well as a sincere interest in other people to his work. He is always interested in hearing from people, even those who hold different opinions from his. 

Meet the Team – Matt Adams

With a focus on helping clients find solutions, Matt Adams is all about problem solving! His background of practical experience in energy distribution, logistics and hedging gives him a solid understanding of what Twin Feathers’ clients do and how he can help them do it better.

Meet the Team – Kristal Myers

Kristal Myers brings a wealth of experience to Twin Feathers. She enjoys being part of a team that lets her use her skills and maintain a healthy balance between work and her personal life.

Meet the Team – Gabriel Amundarian

Gabriel Amundarain, Twin Feathers’ newest team member, is no stranger to navigating change. Experienced in the oil industry, as well as the paint and coatings industry, he brings a blend of technical expertise with hands-on management skills with him.

Meet the Team – Tina Schmitt

Tina Schmitt enjoys people. With almost twenty years in the propane/energy industry, Tina can confidently say, “Propane people are my people.” Tina has been a Senior Commodity Advisor with Twin Feathers for seven years now. She excels at building relationships with her clients and believes one of the best things she can do for clients is help them understand their risks.