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How to Reach Carbon Neutrality

How to reach carbon neutrality. We provide expert information to help your business be proactive in dealing with the changing energy market.
Heart of America

HOA Energy Symposium – a Smart Decision

The Heart of America Energy Symposium is a two-day event, September 19-20, 2023, where industry leaders will present important topics to help you make smart decisions navigating the changing energy market.
Twin Feathers talks Carbon Credits

Twin Feathers at Summer Conference

Twin Feathers President, J.D. Buss will speak at the PPGA & WPGA Summer Conference, August 2023. He will be discussing potential strategies for retail distributors to maximize their business while navigating market changes surrounding the growth of electrical energy options.
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Carbon Neutrality – What is it?

What does it really mean? Carbon neutrality is the idea of…
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The Changing Energy Market

  "Change - the only constant."   The…
Heart of America
commodity management

Supply or Logistical Challenges this winter?

The winter of 2022 – 2023 is upon us and we wanted to look at three Challenges that every propane or fuel distributor needs to be aware of this winter.
commodity advising

Key Energy Indicators for the Future

High oil prices. High gasoline prices. High natural gas prices. High diesel prices. High Electricity prices. Will this trend continue??
commodity management

High International Natural Gas Prices Will Impact Propane Prices This Winter

Even though they may be “across the pond,” Europe’s high natural gas prices will definitely impact propane values this winter.