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When the Music Stops...

by JD Buss

BPN July 2013

Navigating the "Perfect Storm'

by JD Buss

BPN March 2014

'Weather' or not to Protect

by JD Buss

BPN November 2013

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Hug Your Trucker and Expand

Storage You Control

by JD Buss

BPN Magazine September 2014

Braving the Elements:

A Day at Crystal Flash

by Kevin Yanik


Propane Supply Planning:

Recommendations from

the Industry/Marketer

Education Working Group

Of the NPGA Supply and

Infrastructure Task Force

May 2014

 response to npga marketer recommendations  passion propaneprices

Twin Feathers Response to

NPGA Propane Supply

Planning Task Force

May 2014

Passion for Propane

by Charles Robertson

BPN Magazine January 2015

 Propane Prices Rise Marginally

SNL Financial September 2015

 propanemarkettrades  greatrisknowtwinfeath  twinfeathers industrynews june2017

 Propane Market Trades

SNL Financial Sepember 2015


Greatest Risk Now for Propane
Retailers: Supply Complacency

by JD Buss

BPN November 2015

Weather Xchange

Speedwell Weather Group

June 2017