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"Charter Fuels has worked very closely with Twin Feathers since November 2012. Their knowledge on contract purchasing, hedging and advice on pricing is second to none. The support they gave me this past winter increased our margins and helped make it our best year ever. Thank you Twin Feathers Team!"

-Luanne Pink


"The time you have saved us is worth more than the fees your charge."

-Ed Arlis, Jr.


"We wouldn't be where we are without your guidance. The Twin Feathers team has become such an incredible value to us over year past couple of years. You're all such a pleasure to work with! It's rare these days to find business partnerships with people that you KNOW are really on your team!"

-Dana Underwood


"Over the last decade, Twin Feathers has been an integral part of our daily supply and risk management strategies and execution.  Results have shown that with Twin Feathers fully integrated into our business we have increased our bottom line.  It's very difficult for the modern retailer to stay attuned to all of the nuances of the propane market unless you are immersed in that area - and that's where Twin Feathers exists on a daily basis."

-Dave Scigliano


"Vanson represents our most significant retail propane acquisition since 2002, strengthening our existing geographic markets and providing immediate accretion to earnings."

- Chief Executive Officer Steve Wambold of Ferrellgas Partners, L.P/Vanson LLC and was a Twin Feathers client from inception until its sale in the fall of 2009. During that time, Twin Feathers helped the company to purchase its first plant and increased company value by managing all of its supply and hedging needs.

"Twin Feathers helps Rull Bros. stay up-to-date on pricing issues affecting the propane market. Rull feels the consultant provides a valuable service in times like today, with volatile prices and with outside issues such as the economy and value of the dollar affecting the market."

- BPN Magazine (August 2011 issue), Rull Bros. is a 60-year-old firm that has been a part of the Twin Feathers family for almost a decade.


"Your (Twin Feathers) integrity in this business is one of your best assets. Combine that with your thorough knowledge and intuition, and you create a dynamite package. Northwest Energy has become a better business because of this relationship, and you have allowed us to enter a new realm in this industry."

- Jim Cross from Northwest Energy, which was sold to Inergy Partners.